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Your happiness is our goal!

With a chance to do his own “creative style”, educating customers, and seeing their faces once the job was complete, Gary opened up Finishing Touch Hardwood Flooring, and it has flourished. Word of mouth is everything, therefore, it is not only our goal to make consumers into happy consumers, but with the hope that when your family and friends ask “Who did your hardwood floors?!” you can be proud to recommend them to us. We never grow bored in connecting the dots to who is your family and who are your friends. We’ve met a lot of great people over the years, and we thank God for every one of them.

Flooring Rated Five Stars

If you don’t trust us, don’t hire us.

Lastly, we hate to say that sometimes we lose clients because we refuse to lie to them. If they ask for their job to be done in three days and we tell them the truth that it will be five days, they sometimes don’t hire us. That’s ok though, because we would rather be honest and forthright in telling them what is true, and not what they want to hear, just to obtain the job.

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